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JEXCA Iftar on 7th of April 2023, Trust Milonayaton at 17:00.


Written by/Event Coordinator:
Md. Rezaul Islam, 23/ 1276

Dear JEXCAite Brother

Assalamualaikum. We would like to cordially invite you and your spouse to our annual JEXCA Iftar to be held on the 7th of April 2023 at the Trust Milonayaton (West of Shaheen Hall) at 17:00. There is no subscription fee to attend this event, however, registration for this event is requested in advance using the JEXCA App or the website or a phone call to the JEXCA office to confirm your attendance so that we can organise everything appropriately and deliver a pleasant experience for you all. We would like to give our full focus and attention not to be wasteful with food and other logistical activities during this holy month of Ramadan. So we expect your co-operation in arranging this event according to your confirmation of attendance. During registration, please indicate if you are going to travel with your own transport so that ample car parking facilities can be provided and whether you are likely to be accompanied by your driver. In case of any unavoidable circumstances, if you can not attend the event after registration, please inform the JEXCA office so that we can make necessary adjustments to reduce the waste.

Program details:

Venue: Trust Milonayaton, 545 Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Date & Time: 07/04/2023-17:00, Friday

Doa: 17:30

Registration Method: JEXCA App, JEXCA Website, Phone Call to JEXCA Office ( 01755654901)

Registration starts:

Via Phone Call-From 25/03/2023-Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu (11:00-19:00), Fri (15:00-19:00), Tue-Closed

Via JEXCA App & Web-From 29/03/2023 (24 Hours)

Registration ends: 04/04/2023-22:00 Bangladesh Time

Please do not hesitate to contact the JEXCA office (info@jexca.org.bd or 01755654901) should you have any further queries regarding this event and we hope to see you there.

Best regards

Md Rezaul Islam

General Secretary

Jhenidah Ex-Cadets Association (JEXCA)

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