Responsive web design

It is not easy for an application, dealing with a databank (tables, records/datasets, columns, rows etc.), to make the proper use of responsive web design, especially for mobile machines. The style sheets, forms, menus are always used with restrictions.

How To's

Add/Update Dataset Of A Cadet
1. Use "Go To Cadet (Close View)" from the start page (Home page)
2. Click "Read more and update" 3. Put in the login information (one time per session)
4. Choose "Update These Information
4. Add/update the dataset
5. Save

Add/Update Honour Board
1. Click On Honour Board
2A: For a new record
a) Click on "Add A New Record" (Top of the page)
b) Add information
c) Save

2B: For updating a record
a) Click on "Modify" (From the list)
b) Updat information
c) Save

Add/Update Special Honours
1. Click over "Special Honours" from the start page
2. Go to the Cadet (Look At ...), whose special honours you want to add/modify (top of the page)
3 Add/Update information
4. Save

Add/Update First-Day-Experiences
1. Click over "First Day Experiences" from the start page
2. Go to the Cadet (Go to ...), whose First-Day-Experiences you want to add/modify (top of the page)
3 Add/Update information
4. Save

Make A Telephone Call
1. Go to the cadet over one of the search options (start page)
2. Click on the telephone symbol (The telephone number will be shown on your mobile maschine)
3 Make the call
4. Remarks:
It is important that the telephone number is up-to-date and added in the databank in a corrct way(county code etc.)
... and you can make a call only from your smart phone.

Add Blood Group
1. Go to the cadet over one of the search options (start page)
2. Select "Update These Information"
3 Add the blood group (You may add/update many other information in this editing form)
4. Save
You may look after more information on blood group in internet. The following link may also help you:

Add Profession/Specialisation
1. Go to the cadet over one of the search options (start page)
2. Select "Update These Information"
3 Add profession and Specialisation (You may add/update many other information in this editing form)
4. Save

Search for profession/specialisation
In many cases you may look for persons/cadets by profession/specialisation including his address and telephone number. Specially in the case of physicians it is very important to know what type of physician he is. A modern databank has to supply these information.

The variable "specialisation" was included later in the databank and the variable "profession", which was from the very beginning a part of the databank, is not also healthy (require modification).

Please update your profession with specialisation and help others to find/get you with better/appropriate information.

Here are some examples for profession and specialisation:
Profession : Physician
Specialisation : Eye Specialist, Orthopaedist, Cardiologist, Cancer Specialist, Radiologist, Paediatric Specialist, Dermatologist, Neurologist, ENT Specialist, Infertility Specialist etc.

Example 2:
Profession : Engineer
Specialisation : Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Example 3:
Profession : Programmer, Software developer, IT
Specialisation: Database Programmer, System Administrator

How to search/get/find a cadet by profession/specialisation
You are looking for a cadet with "Physician/Orthopaedist" as profession/specialisation
1. "Search For Profession/Specialisation"
2. Put "Physician" or "Ortho" in "Search for profession/specialisation"
3. Click on "Go for result"

Send An Email
Telephone & Email Services

A: You may use the following options/services here
1. Get the 'Complete List' of all cadets to send emails and make telephone calls
2. Send An Eail To A cadet
3. Send An Email To An intake
4. Send An Email/Message To A Group Of Cadets*
5. Send An Email To All Cadets Of A Country**
6.Send An Email/Message To Cadets In Europe
*For example, you may send a mail to all ex-cadets or to all present cadets. It is recommended, not to send/select more than 15 intakes at a time.
Please note that this option/program module do not work on all PCs equally/effectively, depending on Hardware of the client PCs and the number of email recipients/addresses selected. This may take a few minutes and you have to wait a while for the processing of your request.

**Note that you will find here only the available countries in the databank. Please always use the short and official name of the country while editing your record (i.e write UK and NOT United Kingdom)

B: Do Not Remember Your Email Address ?
1. Please send a Request For Login Information , if you do not remember your email address.
Your new email address will be added to the databank, while sending you the login information.
2. You may go to your record to get your email address ("Go to cadet" on the start page)

C: You may get (in some cases) a message like this:
"Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error ..."
Please just ignore it. Your mail transaction will still work

See, Whether A Cadet Has Email-Address Or/And Telephone Number
1. Go to cadet, or search for a cadet with his name or intake (start page).
2. In the top right of "Close View" you will see the symbols, if the information are there

Add Telephone Number And Email-Address
1. Use "Go To Cadet/Cadet No (Close View)" from the start page/home page with your cadet no
2. Click/choose on "Read more and update" here
3. Put the login information (if requested)
3. Click/choose "Update these information" here
4. Add/update telephone number, email address and other information
5. Save

Upload/Update Your Picture
A. Standard Way:
1. Use "Go To Cadet (Close View)" from the start page (Home page)
2. Put in the login information (if requested)
3. Click on the empty picture (or symbol; you will be directed to an upload form)
4. Put your cadetno and select a picture (maximum size 2,5 MB)
5. Click "Upload Photo"
5. Save

B. Or:
1. Click on an empty picture anywhere with "Upload a picture"; you will be directed to an upload form
4. Put your cadetno and select a picture (maximum size 2,5 MB)
5. Click "Upload Photo"
5. Save

Create/Add A Shortcut/Bookmark To Android Home Screen
1. Launch Chrome on your smart phone
2. Navigate/forge to the link:
3. Tap the menu button (the three points right above)
4. Tap Add to home screen.
5. Enter a name for the icon/shortcut/bookmark (i.e:webmeeting-jcc). Chrome will add it to your home screen.
The icon/shortcut/bookmark will appear on your home screen like any other app icon or widget like this:, so you can drag it around and put it wherever you like.

Create/Add A Shortcut/Bookmark To iPhone (also iPad,iPod Touch) Home Screen
1. Launch the Safari browser on Apple's iOS
2. Navigate/forge to the link:
3. Tap the Share button on the browser's toolbar - that's the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. It's on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPod Touch.
4. Tap to Add teh Home Screen icon in the Share menu. 5. You'll be prompted to name the shortcut before tapping the Add button
The shortcut can be dragged around and placed anywhere, including in app folders - just like a normal app icon.

Desktop Version (old)

Please use (shift to) the desktop (old) version of, if you are using a PC or notebook (other than a smart phone).

It is easy for an application, dealing with a databank (tables, records/datasets, columns, rows etc.), to display data on a PC/Notebook than on a smart phone.

Moreover, there are some more features (attachments, copy to JEC etc.) in the email and message services of the desktop version.

We have two README FILES for the two versions. Some of the information may vary from one another.

Please note that we shall not spend any more development activities in desktop version and we may completely close it in near future.

Request For Login Information

Please use 'Request For Login Information' to send an email to the webmeeting-jcc team (if you do not have the login information or not registered). You have to put your name, intake, cadet no, email address and mobile number in the request form. Please note: a member of the webmeeting-jcc team may call you for your identification as cadet. Later you shall receive an email with the information. Please check also your spam folder.

You will need login data for some more insert, edit, email transaction and telephone services.

Search For A Group Of Cadets

You may search with a single option or two or with all.
You may put also a part of a name in the field "Name"
You will find only the available countries in the field "Country"

Search for a string/Search for any other information

Actually, you may put here any string/words (max. 120 characters) and search for it. But really, you will look for strings like Berlin, Khalishpur, Dhaka, Jhenidah, 339 (a part of a telephone number or the whole number), professor ("p" may be in small letter) etc. etc.

It may work like this in our practical life:
You come home and see a telephone number on the display. One of your friends/cadets wanted to talk with you while you were not at home. You do not have the data/information of this friend in your telephone book/address book. You take the number, put here, search for it, get your friend and call him back, if you want. Connecting Cadets !!!

Send a message to a cadet/an intake

This option offers you the opportunity to send a short message (although the number of characters is not limited) to a cadet/an intake.
It works in the same way (mail()) as sending a mail to a cadet/an intake - so your message will reach the recipient as a mail.

Please note that your record and the record of the recipient must contain minimum information (cadetno, name, intake and email) to be considered by this option.

Please look at/update the record/records if you get an error message.

You may send the same message to another cadet/intake by simply changing the recipient's information

Projects Of Our Cadets

There are various ways of presenting/describing a project/foundation in internet. It is possible to add/include more parts than only "Project Heading" and "Project Description". Anyway, we are offering now only these two parts and you please put in the "Project Description" the basic information like:
purpose of the project, founding time/year, regular activities, special activities, recent activities, project staff, contributors (donors), regular contributors, participators, regular expenditure, regular income, etc. etc.
You may use HTML Tags to highlight die various parts, if you want.

External Links

JCC on YouTube
Please always use the three words "Jhenidah Cadet College" together in your headings or description while uploading your videos. This will help to pick up the exact information with this option.


Here are some examples:
a) for Bold write <b>Bold</b>
b) for Italics write <i>Italics</i>
c) for Bold Italics write <b><i>Bold Italics</i></b>
d) for color red size 2 write <font color=red size=2>For color red size 2</font>

Add A Link

To add a link do as follows:
For: (Jexca Bangladesh)
Write: <a href = "">Jexca Bangladesh</a>
Other options of realisation:
<a href = "">More ... /a>
<a href = ""></a>

You simply:
1. Specify the target ( in the <a href=" ">.
2. Then add the text (Jexca Bangladesh) that should work as a link.
3. Finally add an </a> tag to indicate where the link ends.

"Our Aim"

One of the biggest advantages of a live databank is the (honest) participation of all and the immediate actualization/update of data without depending on others. Information are changing very fast in this internet era. We can not (should not) depend on other people to put a definite information in a definite time in a definite place.

Our aim is to preserve college information in an easy way and make more out of them with the participation of every cadet.
Please do not misunderstand us, if any of the article/posting is modified/updated or removed by the editorial team.

Event Management

Let us manage our events (Reunion, get-together, gathering, picnic etc.) in a database structure. It works as follows:

1. Add an event/record
a) Click over 'Add a new event' (above left of the page)
b) Put the following information in 'Add a new event'
   b1. Name/heading of the event
   b2. Catchwords/search string
   b3. Subject
   b4. Link to the pictures (if no available keep the field empty)
   b5. Save

2. Add a cadet in the list of participants:
a) Copy the search string/catchword first
b) Put the cadetno in die box and go
  (You will receive a message "Autorization Required")
c) Put the login information and go to the personal details (record) of the cadet.
d) Select "Update These Information"
e) Paste/write the search string/catchword in the personal details of the cadet
   (Example: Ensured participation for Jexca European Reunion Cork 2021
   with 2 Adults.
   Please note that the search string/catchword must carry the words as they were
   put in the event management)
f) Save

3. Look at the list of participants and send an email to a single participant
a) Select "Look at the list of participants and email service " to look at and send
  an email/message to a cadet

4. Send an email to all participants of an event
a) Select "Send an email to all participants of this event"

5. Look at the pictures.
a) Select "Look at the pictures"
  (You will get the pictures, if there is a link to the pictures
   which was added/put while adding/creating a new event.
   A link can be put also later).

6. Advantages of an "Event Management System":
a) Anyone can look at the information of the event anytime and from any
   place of the world.
b) The participants list is up-to-date for all the time.
c) You can look at/go to the personal details of a participant from the list and know    more about the cadet
d) You can send an email to a single participant (The email address of    the participant must be available and up-to-date in die databank)
e) You can send an email to all participants of the event.
f) The event coordinators may make changes anytime in the program (in subject)
   of the event
g) The participants may put comments and make changes.
h) You can call a participant simply with a click on the mobile number.
i) Etc, etc.

Bulletin Board

We would expect only our cadet and college related topics in "Bulletin Board"

The list is empty? Or Your name/cadetno is not in the list?

Please do the following
1. Put your cadetno in 'Go to cadet/cadetno' and Go/click (Start page)
2. Put in the login information (Please contact over "Request For Login Information" , if you do not have them jet).
3. Click over 'Read more and update', 'Update these information' and add/modify your record
7. Save

Special Characters/Saving A Document

While adding a new or modifying an existing record you may get an error message as follows,
There was a mistake ...
Please remove "special characters" from your text (example: "" - single quotation mark) and try again

How To Add/Remove An JEC-Member In The Datanak

1a. Use "Go TO Cadet /Close View)" of the JEC member (start Page)
1b. OR "Add/Remove A Cadet As Member" (From JEC-Member list>
2. Use "Update These Information" (right above).
3. Add the Post under "Jexca JEC Member"
(i.e. President, 1. VP)
4. Save

How To Add A Jexca Life Member

1. Use "Go TO Cadet /Close View)" of the life member
2. Use "Update These Information" (right above).
3. Add "Yes" under "Jexca Life Member"
4. Save

Let us share and make more out of our college information